Guided Walking and Trekking in the Mournes

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Mountain Sojourns will organise a Guided walk, trek or event in the Mourne Mountains or surrounding area for everyone including a group of friends, families and clubs to a charity fund raising event to your company day out or team building event. You are invited to contact us with your ideas for a competitive quo

Open Guided Walks

The ‘Open guided walks’ take place once a month both day and night walks are offered depending on the season.

The guided day walks are geared to cater for the needs of people with moderate experience and fitness, during your sociable walk your guide will keep you informed about the local history, geology, flora and fauna of and keep you amused with anecdotal stories from the area.

The guided night walks are designed to allow an appreciation of the night sky and experiencing the mountains in a different light; the walkers on our night walks are experienced and have been on other walks with Mountain Sojourns. Nocturnal Rambles, Star Treks and Moon Chasing take place during the dark winter months.


Details of the walks and treks can be found several ways on our homepage, on Mountain Sojourns Facebook or

Grading Walks

Grading walks is difficult and subjective as there are so many factors which can affect a grade e.g. weather, under-foot conditions, personal fitness etc. Time and a description of the terrain is usually a good indicator of the difficulty of a walk. Mountain Sojourns walks are usually of a moderate so as to be as inclusive as possible.

The guided day walks last 4 to 6 hours whilst the guided night walks are approximately 4 hours long. If you are in any doubt re the difficulty of the walk or your ability please contact us to discuss.

Interested in our Guided Walks and Trekking?

The mountains offer exhilarating experiences and fantastic memories. Please contact us for more information…