International Trekking

International TrekkingFiona has been trekking to far flung corners of the world for many years … exotic destinations such as Ladak in India, Cordillera Huayhuash, Auzangate and Machu Picchu in Peru, Manasulu Circuit and Tsum Valley in Nepal.

Her Autumn 2013 trek is to Nepal a favourite destination for trekkers worldwide. Nepal offers pristine beautiful mountain scenery, (is home to eight of the world’s highest mountains), great trekking routes, stable weather patterns and friendly local people.

She would like you to join her on an exotic 3 week trekking, adventure to Tsum Valley, this is a trek which is far from the maddening crowd, as it has only been open to the west the last 4 years and thus is unspoilt by tourism, the valley boarders with Tibet and is steeped in Tibetan Culture and hospitality, the scenery and wildlife is second to none.

It is a trek were en route you will experience the cacophony and harmony of life, see, try and interact with people and their crafts that we no longer have, see wild monkeys, blue sheep, rare beautiful butterflies and watch eagles soar, visit Buddhist monks and nuns in their monasteries, enjoy a fusion of fantastic simple fresh food and not lift a finger in its preparation as the trek is fully supported!

Interested in International Trekking?

Mountain Sojourns has two treks going out this Autumn to this area a women only one and a mixed gender for dates, details, itinerary and cost etc.